Emotional Support Pet Bear?

I have been staying with my boyfriend for over a week now while I am on the waitlist for the homeless shelter. My parents kicked me out because they can no longer bare witness to my mental illness. They wanted me to help out around the house more, but not just more, they wanted me to uphold cleanliness beyond a level they themselves are able to maintain. This was of course, impossible for me to do. I find that I am incapable of meeting expectations when they are unrealistic.

In the time that I have been with my boyfriend I have noticed an ever growing colony of small black ants inhabiting his bedroom. They started off by his window, then they found his trash can and now they are swarming his night stand.

My anxiety has had a field day with this. Suddenly I am finding myself near phobic with thoughts that they may crawl into my ears or mouth while I am asleep. He tells me “they need a place to live too.” OR his favorite response to my fear, “No one wants to be in your ears.”

I have tried everything that I can do. I have put borax on a tempting dessert plate on the night stand, sprayed bug spray around the base boards, and even put citronella oil in his diffuser. They are here to stay it seems.

As my boyfriend was falling asleep I was sharing with him yet again my anxiety over the critters and I came to a conclusion.

We need a pet Bear! One like the bear Baloo from Jungle Book that will snack on these ants all day. I could even get him approved as an emotional support animal since his eating the ants will ultimately help me with my anxiety. My boyfriend was so tired at the time that he wasn’t even phased by my revelation and agreed. Now I just need to start the process in finding one to adopt. And the even more exciting process of deciding what to name him.


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