You’re Giving Me Heart Arrhythmia’s

Recently my boyfriend was rendered completely useless and it’s driving me crazy. This is a slight exaggeration but for the most part, useless.

It came on out of no where. One day, all of a sudden he started complaining of his heart racing in ten second spurts multiple times an hour. Of course I took these complaints lightly considering your heart rate is supposed to increase multiple times through out the day for all sorts of reasons.

When he complained about it racing above the average resting rate I belittled his feelings and told him that’s because he’s comparing it to an average. Again, your rate is supposed to fluctuate. I didn’t see how these 10 second bursts could be anything to worry about. I figured he was more focused on his body because he’s been unemployed for months and has had time to zone in on it. I figured he was exaggerating and created a problem where there wasn’t one.

He never complained of pain until I asked if it hurt. He described a 10 second burst in his chest when he would hold his breath or twist in weird ways. So as any good doctor would, I told him to stop holding his breath and twisting in weird ways. This was not a desired answer.

After a few days I could not take it anymore so we go to the emergency room. In my defense, his EKG did come back completely normal. However, they hooked him up to a machine in the ER to “witness an episode”. Let me explain further,

Normal people who ¬†experience heart arrhythmia describe shooting pains that feel like a heart attack. They usually last for hours and cannot occur on command. However my boyfriend is a unicorn and so he is able to make his happen on command. The ER was floored after having us wait for HOURS on end to witness this phenomenon. He did his trick and created an arrhythmia for both the doctor and his registered nurse. They contacted a cardiologist because they just weren’t sure what to say.

So they prescribe him a beta blocker and tell him it’s not life threatening but to maybe not instigate it until he can get in to see the specialist… Because I am some times clairvoyant and I could see the future I immediately asked them to clarify. “But he can still do normal household chores, right?” And the doctor clarified, “Oh yeah, absolutely.”

Fast forward about a week, suddenly the beta blocker is not enough and his arrhythmia is coming on again full force. He starts breaking down and compulsively holding his wrist like he’s about to pinch it but not pinching it? Like he’s trying to read his pulse on his own with no training is how I perceive it. He’s doing it every 10 seconds and it’s driving me crazy. He refused to drive. He refused to order his own sub for lunch. He refused to do the dishes. So I told him to call his cardiologist and at least ask them if he should increase his dosage until his appointment.

They agree, he should increase his dosage until his appointment. Hopefully this works that long. Ultimately we will need the cardiologist to agree on an ablation. They will cauterize the areas of his heart that are improperly firing resulting in this issue. The official diagnosis is Supra Ventricular Tachycardia. My mom had an ablation when I was a child and it cured her for good. She never had the problem again.

I just can’t believe that this is what I am looking forward to and that this is preventing us from traveling to see the full eclipse that we have literally been planning and looking forward to since the day we met. If I could never, ever, ever see him “check” his pulse again it will all be worth it.

But no really, I do hope he gets better soon. ¬†(And if he could do the dishes that’d be great)


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